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Shakuhachi: Fundamental Technique Guidance

This is a book for beginners level. However some simple advices in the text pages are even applicable for advanced players. That means if you follow and use this book, it is one of the fastest way to study of playing shakuhachi... 


Shakuhachi II: Advanced Techniques & History (Volume 2)

30 years of long seller "SHAKUHACHI" book by Masayuki Koga in USA and Europe : This includes 1. Advanced techniques and 2. History of Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) .


Extract of the Master Techniques for Shakuhachi: Japanese Bamboo Flute


JMI Shakuhachi Performing Repertoire Book (Volume 1)

We use and perform using this performing book because it is suitable almost any occasion of performance and concert. Starting "Dawn in the Forest" provides...


Performing Repertoire Book volume II

This is music for shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute)in Kinko-notation. Written by Masayuki Koga. Performing time of about 30 min.+. First series of Heart in Japanese History expresses each era in her history representative character...


Atlas of Insight of Music: Pragmatic Psychology and Physiology in Music (Volume 1)


Atlas of In sight of Music Volume-II.: Universal Map of Mind and Body in Music (Volume 2)


SHAKUHACHI in the Multi-Dimension: Lecture at Stanford University 2009

SHAKUHACHI in the Multi-Dimension by Masayuki Koga. A lecture text at Stanford University 2009. This book also includes "Quick Reminder in a Glance", which could be helpful for shakuhachi players but also all Wind-instrument players as well.


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