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Shakuhachi: Fundamental Technique Guidance

This is a book for beginners level. However some simple advices in the text pages are even applicable for advanced players. That means if you follow and use this book, it is one of the fastest way to study of playing shakuhachi. For example paying mouth cavity and try to hold the air-pipe being rounded and expanded is actually very advanced skill but also you can do it. When inhaling deep breath is important and do not force the exhaling breath (later, we will do so as advanced skill but not at first time as starter). These important know how is listed in the book. 30 years of long seller book in USA and Europe: Japanese bamboo flute (shakuhachi) instruction book for the beginners; by Mr. Masayuki Koga. This book contains only the First Section of I).Fundamental Techniques from the complete "Textbook". And CD is not included. If you need CD, ask to the author; you will find his contact at the last page of this book.


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